System Design Services

Your profitability depends on consistent computer reliability and functionality. That’s why our system design services and experienced consultants will help you find the best equipment to fit your needs and budget without sacrificing performance and reliability. All system design services are performed by our highly skilled technicians to ensure quality every time.

If you’re concerned at all about disaster recovery (and most businesses should be), make sure your data is protected with our off-site replication service, which is far more advanced than typical cloud backups. Read more about our business continuity replication services.

Servers & Infrastructure

From planning to implementation, our system design experts advise you on the best suited technologies for your business. We work with all industries and all sizes of companies—from the solopreneur to the multi-location corporation. We want you to reach your growth goals and strategically plan for current and future system needs.

We can discuss types of servers needed, where they should reside, and how they will be protected, properly cooled, backed up, and secured. Our conversation will include options for proper maintenance and integration with other vital systems, including telecommunications, purchasing and payment processing, inventory and shipping, and employee in-house and remote workstations.

system design services from AIT Business Technologies in Wisconsin


Equip your staff with reliable workstations ranging from basic laptops to advanced CAD workstations. We carry big brands like HP, Lenovo, and Dell, as well as our in-house line of workstations that can be custom designed based on your needs. As part of our system design services, we offer accessories too, such as dock stations, ergonomic sit/stand desk solutions, and additional lighting selections.

Let us know how your employees work most productively, and we’ll share options for the best solutions within your budget. We can also discuss problematic environmental issues such as temperature fluctuations, dust, etc. If you have shared workstations that need privacy settings, we can accommodate that as well.


Save on expenses, energy, maintenance, space, and heat with virtualization. Virtualization separates your software from the hardware it runs on, allowing you to consolidate many applications onto one piece of hardware instead of using several. This aspet of system design services gives you more options, including:

  • Better protection from failures
  • More restoration options in the event of failures
  • Simplified backups (a recent case study reduced backup time from 10 hours to 20 minutes!)
  • Replication options to have “warm spare” servers ready to go
  • Run multiple operating systems on the same machine simultaneously
phone, WiFi and security system design services from AIT Business Technologies in Wisconsin

Phone, WiFi, and Security Systems

Time for an audit or upgrade? Learn more about our telecommunications products and services and security services. These essential systems make life easier on you and your customers. We’ll show you how much better business can be with a fresh look at your current needs in these areas.

For all your WiFi and other wireless communications, we are ready to hear about your work style and WiFi needs. We can work with you from system design to product installation and training.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You make money doing what you do best. We help you do that by providing reliable, innovative tech and communication support. Our system design services team loves working with customers as they grow, helping them make the most of the equipment they already have, and guiding them to new, advantageous products and methods as they grow into them.


You can count on AIT for technology solutions built on personal relationships and techs you can trust. We are your Complete Business Technology Partner!