Staffing Augmentation

Are your IT resources running thin, or do you need an extra hand to get through that large project? We can help. AIT’s team of advanced engineers can work in conjunction with your in-house IT staff to provide a unique perspective and additional resources.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether it’s a half-day, full day, or more per week, our engineers can help ease the load on your in-house IT staff. Scheduled visits let staff rest assured they know they will be seeing their IT provider on a regular basis, and smaller items can be addressed before they escalate into critical issues. This helps with budgeting and keeps projects moving along as your lists keep growing.

Skilled Resources

Our clients appreciate this service because they now have reliable, trusted resources available. The work can be scheduled on a regular basis, throughout a specific project, to fill in during vacation season, or when you’re down an employee.

Trusted Teammates

Building relationships is critical to our success, and because we know our clients and their systems, our engineers will fit into your team culture. They become part of the team, understanding the vision and mission. It’s evident that they focus on your success, sharing skillsets and leadership to bring the most value to your company and your clients.

There’s no need to work extreme hours so that employees are stressed and tired. And there’s no need to delay revenue-generating projects for lack of staff or critical skills. AIT Business Technologies has the solution, and we are ready to help with qualified resources specific to your needs.