Up to 80% of businesses that suffer a fire or major catastrophe never return to market.

When considering your business continuity plan, there are three things you should consider:

  • Have you ever fully tested your backup?
  • How would you function after or recover from a catastrophic building event?
  • What repercussions would you face if your company’s secure data housed on offsite backup media fell into the wrong hands? 

AIT can provide you the services and support you need to make sure you are covered in each of these situations. We work with you to make sure your Business Continuity and Disaster Recover plans are on point so you can keep your business on point.

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Replication Services

  • Real-time offsite data protection
  • Offsite complete data replication every 5 minutes
  • Tested backups
  • Compliant
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Temporary Work Space & Resources

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Backup Telecommunication Circuits

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Disaster Recovery Planning

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessments

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