Managed IT Services

You’ll rest easy with professionally managed IT services from AIT Business Technologies. We know how important your data and technology systems are, and we pride ourselves on designing the technology power to drive you forward to your next goals.

How long would you let your car run without changing the oil? Your technology infrastructure needs periodic attention too. Professionally managed IT services can save you money and downtime by auditing performance and fixing small problems before they become major catastrophes.

We want you to have the drive power to sustain your growth. With our progressive, yet practical, industry perspective, AIT is committed to maintaining your technology-driven success with attentive and capable services. 

Routine Proactive Maintenance

AIT technicians do a systematic network analysis and document every aspect. With our managed IT services, we support it all—from the cloud to your communications. Depending on your industry, we also check for HIPAA Compliance and other regulatory requirements. Preventive maintenance includes monitoring and managing all system hardware from the mainframe to individual stations.

Thorough cleaning and PC or laptop tune-ups can make each workstation run significantly faster, eliminating repeated complaints and frustrations while increasing each employee’s production. Need troubleshooting? We crave a challenge—and especially love solving it!

We routinely conduct test backups, scan for viruses, update software, and tighten network vulnerabilities. Our technicians manage network documentation, so you are confidently up to date. To achieve optimal functionality, we make sure your complete system is operating at peak potential.

Managed IT services expert working at AIT Business Technologies

Managed IT Services Done Right

When choosing a managed services partner, you need to make sure you are choosing a partner that will deliver. With our dedicated team keeping a watchful eye on your workstations, servers, and network infrastructure, you can be sure that your systems are secure and healthy. In addition to peace of mind, AIT Managed Services can help you meet compliance and cybersecurity insurance requirements.
Managed IT services expert working at AIT Business Technologies

Technology Geeks and Homework

True, we carry a fascination for the industry, and it’s why we enjoy staying current with changes and advances. We guide you on hardware and software purchases, but we never push one brand. You can always expect us to objectively design and build the correct system to meet your requirements. Because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all products, we continually evaluate new and existing tech products and services. Our understanding of the pros and cons for each ensures that you have serious, budget-friendly options for your unique technology needs at each stage of your business cycle. And we’re always there to support your complete system.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are managed IT services right for your business? Do you feel like you currently have mismanaged services?

At AIT, we provide full-service technology management to help your business function and thrive, without breaking the bank. No more worries about IT. We’ve got you covered! In business since 1998, we have been part of the convergence of computer networks, telephone communications, security, and video conferencing, and we embrace the entire industry.

Ensuring that your technology effectively supports your business is top of mind at AIT Business Technologies.