From planning to implementation and support, we will advise you on the proper technologies and make sure your complete system is functioning to its maximum potential. We will never push one brand. You can always expect us to objectively design and build the correct system to suit your requirements now and through to the future.



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Our Information Technology (IT) Services Include:

Servers / Infrastructure

Your profitability depends on consistent computer reliability. That’s why our experienced consultants will help you find the best equipment that fits your needs and budget without sacrificing performance and reliability. All service is performed by our highly skilled technicians to ensure quality every time.

Make sure your data is protected with our off-site replication service, which is far more advanced than regular “cloud” backups. Read more about our business continuity services.


Equip your staff with reliable workstations ranging from very basic to advanced CAD workstations. We carry big brands like HP, Lenovo, and Dell, as well as our in-house line of workstations that can be custom designed based on your needs. Share your needs with us, and we will help you choose the best solution for your needs and budget.


Save cost, energy, maintenance, space and heat with virtualization. Virtualization separates your software from the hardware it runs on, allowing you to consolidate many applications onto one piece of hardware instead of on several. This gives you many useful options, including:

  • Better protection from failures
  • More restoration options in the event of failures
  • Simplified backups (Recent case study reduced backup time from 10 hrs to 20 min)
  • Replication options to have “warm spare” servers ready to go
  • Allows multiple operating systems to run on the same machine simultaneously

Telecommunications (IP, Digital & Analog)

A reliable telephone system is the backbone of most businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses try to mix and match solutions that aren’t made to work together. Since a dropped call could lose a client, we only offer complete, feature-rich office communications equipment that’s been designed and tested to work together as it should.

We are as experienced with telecommunications as we are in IT. We are a certified Panasonic communications dealer, proficient and certified on systems including KX-TD, TDA, TDE, NCP, and the newest NS700 and NS1000 systems. We also service systems from AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, Comdial, and others.

Additional Telecommunications Services:

  • Installation of new telephone systems
  • Upgrading / repairing existing systems
  • Install and support of Public Announcement (PA) and background music systems.
  • Wireless telephone solutions
  • Connecting branch locations over IP

Structured Cabling / Wireless

Whether it’s adding jacks to your existing building or wiring a new building’s infrastructure, we can handle the project from bare studs to move-in. We can also install wireless access point system in existing buildings, interconnect multiple sites (VPNs), and install fiber optic cabling.

Video Surveillance (IP & Analog)

Theft and lost productivity in the workplace accounts for billions in lost revenue. Plus, video evidence is often crucial in workman’s compensation claims and to meet some HIPAA regulations. Protect your business and your staff with our video surveillance systems. As a certified Panasonic iPro vendor, we can design a system to exactly match your needs.

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