Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Your business success depends on continued operations even in the face of a disaster. We all know this to be true, and yet, strategic conversations followed by implementation are often put off for another day. That’s why AIT offers disaster recovery & business continuity services. This is one of those critical safeguards that every serious business needs to manage, sooner rather than later.

Studies show that up to 80% of businesses that suffer a fire or other disaster never return to market.

No one wants to see their company damaged to such an extent that there is no possibility of rebuilding. The sad truth is that a potential threat—fire, flood, tornado, power surges, theft, or cyber-attack—could cause lasting repercussions. It can happen quickly, leaving you no time to make a plan.

You must establish a plan before it’s needed, and AIT is here to help through our disaster recovery & business continuity services.

AIT Replication Services

Our backup and business continuity plan goes beyond protection. It provides full preparedness (and peace of mind). Here’s how our AIT Replication plan works:

  1. Every 5 minutes, all your business-critical servers are automatically and securely replicated to our data centers, providing near real-time, offsite data protection.
  2. The replica copies in our data center can be started up and tested at any time, assuring they will work properly, should they ever need to be called upon. We leave nothing to chance.

Protect Your Company and Your Clients

With our AIT disaster recovery and business continuity services, you can assure your clients that no matter what happens, you will still be able to do business. We can’t think of any good reasons you would not protect your company’s information, and in certain industries—maybe yours—businesses are required to protect their data.

HIPAA & HITECH guidelines state that healthcare providers are required to have a tested backup of their patients’ healthcare records. AIT’s Replication Services allows you to meet that requirement, while also providing automated offsite protection.

Even if you are in a non-regulated industry, you can give your customers peace of mind that you are providing the services they depend on, should anything happen.

Isn’t the Cloud Good Enough?

The Cloud is great for certain usage. We need to know the difference. When expected to meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, the simple, cloud-based backup services do not provide the protection or availability of our AIT Replication Services. Cloud backup offerings, as part of our disaster recovery & business continuity services, will have copies of your files.

To gain access, you need to bring the data back in-house (which can be a lengthy process in itself). After the data is retrieved, it requires several more steps. Infrastructure needs to be recreated, software needs to be reinstalled, and only after all of that will you find out if your backup was good and your data will be usable.

The AIT Difference

With disaster recovery & business continuity services, AIT holds a primary copy of your data nearby in Appleton in a secure data center, so your data is close enough to be available when you need it. It is also re-replicated to another data center, providing additional protection from natural disasters.

Here are advantages for you:

  • Backup telecommunications circuits
  • Entire server data replication, not just bits and pieces
  • Fully tested backups
  • No backup tapes
  • No lost, stolen or compromised media
  • Offsite protection
  • Temporary workspace
Disaster recovery & business continuity services offer replication services as part of its offerings.

You worked hard to build your business, spending countless hours organizing and streamlining your operation. You’ve earned your clients through your ability to provide exceptional service. Stay safe.