Up to 80% of businesses that suffer a fire or major catastrophe
never return to market.

Water damage, power surges, and theft are just a few on a long list of potential threats that can ruin your livelihood. Our business continuity plan goes beyond protection – it provides preparedness. We call our backup and continuity plan “AIT Replication Services”.

When you protect your business with AIT Replication Services, you are creating a full business continuity plan. Every 5 minutes, all of your business critical servers are automatically and securely replicated to our data centers, providing near real-time offsite data protection. The replica copies in our data center can be started up and tested at any time, assuring they will work properly, should they ever need to be called upon – leaving nothing to chance.

Meeting HIPAA and Other Regulatory Requirements

Assure your customers and clients that no matter what happens, you will be able to do business.

There is no good reason to not protect your company’s information, but certain industries are required to do so. HIPAA / HITECH guidelines state that healthcare providers are required to have a tested backup of their patients’ healthcare records. AIT Replication Services allows you to meet that requirement, while also providing automated offsite protection.

Even if you are in a non-regulated industry, you can give your customers peace of mind that you will be able to provide the services they depend on, should anything happen.




Protection Over and Above the “Cloud”

Simple cloud-based backup services such as Mozy and Carbonite do not provide near the protection or availability as AIT Replication Services.

While we have a complete replica of your complete servers, cloud backup services simply have copies of files. In order to utilize a backup from a cloud provider, that data first needs to be brought back in-house (which can be a lengthy process in itself). After the data is retrieved, it is still not ready to use in most cases. Infrastructure needs to be recreated, software needs to be reinstalled, and it’s only after all of that when you will find out if your backup was good and your data will be usable.

AIT holds a primary copy of your data nearby in Appleton in a secure data center, so your data is close enough to be available when you need it. It is also re-replicated to another data center, providing additional protection from natural disasters.

Eliminate Guesswork & Worry with AIT Replication Services

Why Replication Backup is Smarter Than Traditional Backup

  • Traditional backup simply creates copies of your important files, databases, etc., which get stored on tapes or hard disks.
  • If a total server failure occurs, performing a complete restoration usually requires hardware identical to the original. If the original servers are destroyed, restoration becomes complicated, or in some cases, impossible.
  • There is no easy way to verify a server can be directly restored until a disaster has occurred. Performing a test restore is so complex, it practically never gets done.
  • Protection from a physical building disaster requires removing the media from the building and transporting it offsite on a regular schedule.
  • Moving physical backup media (tape / hard drives) offsite poses a security threat if the media becomes lost or stolen in transit.
  • Additional challenges arise when there is too much total data to fit on a removable backup media..

3 Things to Consider

  1. Have you ever fully tested your backup?
  2. How would you function after or recover from a catastrophic building event?
  3. What repercussions would you face if offsite backup media fell into the wrong hands? (Private company information, protected health information (PHI), employee personal information)

Eliminate Guesswork & Worry with AIT Replication Services

How do AIT Replication Services work?

AIT Replication Services creates a complete offsite copy of your business’s critical server to the AIT Data Center.

Every five minutes, your server is automatically replicated to the AIT Data Center via a secure connection. Replica servers in the AIT Data Center can be started at any time, without any effect on your working environment. After your server replica is started up, testing can be conducted to verify all data and programs are intact and functional.

Everyday Protection

In the simplest scenario, your server suffers a total internal meltdown. Within hours, AIT can export a server replica to temporary hardware and deliver it to your office, immediately bringing your system back online.

Catastrophic Protection

If a more severe catastrophic building event (such as a fire, tornado, pipe/sprinkler burst, or extended utility outage) were to occur, this is when AIT Replication Services becomes a full-blown business continuity plan.

  1. Temporary office space will be allocated in our building at 738 Ford Street, Kimberly.
  2. Your server replica will be started up, which becomes the “live” production copy of your company’s information.
  3. AIT will provide temporary workstations for key employees to utilize.
  4. AIT has blocks of emergency telephone numbers on hand and ready to use. Your primary telephone number will be forwarded to your pre-assigned emergency telephone number.
  5. After building and/or server repairs are complete, production server replica will be moved back to original location.

Features of AIT Facility & Data Center

  • —Building-Wide Battery Backup
  • —Natural Gas Backup Generator
  • —Access Control System
  • —Interior & Exterior Video Surveillance
  • —HIPAA-Compliant Data Center
  • Data Center Access Control & Surveillance
  • —Multiple Internet Providers
  • —Panasonic Digital/VoIP Telephone System
  • —5000 Square Foot Facility

Primary Advantages of the AIT Replication Service

  • Provides the ability to fully test backups.
  • —Provides offsite protection of data.
  • —Eliminates risk of physical backup media being lost, stolen, or compromised.
  • —Virtualization technology replicates the entire server, as opposed to traditional backup software that “grabs” bits and pieces, one at a time.

Eliminate Guesswork & Worry with AIT Replication Services