AIT is Your Complete Business Technology Partner

Based in Kimberly, Wisconsin, AIT Business Technologies, LLC is an IT consulting firm with the engineers, technicians, and partners to manage all projects, from small to complex. We carry a wealth of collective knowledge to better solve your pressing IT challenges.

Now entering our 25th year, AIT is a proven information technology provider in the Greater Fox Valley, Wisconsin area – and beyond – with highly proficient IT, telephony, and cybersecurity engineers.

As technology advances, so too does our expertise. Every day brings new advancements, and we stay current through ongoing education with our industry-leading technology partners.

Mission Statement

The mission of AIT Business Technologies, LLC is to provide quality, cost effective, and reliable IT services for clients while maintaining a relationship that promotes teamwork, innovation, and trust.

AIT Business Technologies team serves Wisconsin, including team member Ted Kerkoff.

Premier Support and Communication

Ensuring the strength of your IT system and functions allows us to serve you effectively as you chart your course to greater success. You make money doing what you do best. To make life easier for you, we provide reliable, innovative technology support and communication.

When new technologies appear on the scene, we let you know which are best aligned with your service model and growth goals.

Conversely, when your hardware or software is becoming obsolete, we let you know. We’ll summarize which newer technologies would serve you better, so your systems will continue to be supported in the best possible manner.

A Message From Our President

When I founded AIT Business Technologies back in 1998, as the sole technician, I enjoyed the connection and involvement with all of my clients. Fast forward almost 25 years, and even with our tremendous growth, I still take pride in getting to know our customer base and working alongside our talented staff in conceptualizing, engineering, and diagnosing projects and problems for our clients. My goal is to always be available and accessible for all of our clients to reach out to at any time.

Aaron Schmitt, President
AIT Business Technologies, LLC

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We know the critical role your technology plays in serving your clients effectively and efficiently. We help you find reliable, innovative, budget-friendly technology solutions and processes to accomplish more in less time. We want you to work smarter, not harder!

No Problem Goes Unsolved

We are so deeply invested in our clients’ success that we fix anything and everything we find. Nothing is neglected or ignored. We cringe when we hear, “Sometimes we just have to live with that.” At AIT, no problem goes unsolved!